Mom -- after reading all the things on the BluDane list about two-headed trolls, I went to Europe to see for myself.

I found one right away!!  His (their) name(s) is (are) Nimrod.  He (they) don't live under a bridge.  He (they) live in a house just like us!!  

Nimrod (left) says it's no trouble having two heads, you get more to eat that way.  Wow, double Scoobie Snacks!!

Nimrod (right) says the only time they get into trouble is when they want to do zoomie circles.  Nimrod (left) wants to zoom to the left and Nimrod (right) wants to zoom to the right.  They fall down a lot!!

Nimrod(s) want to come to the USA to show.  Do ya think there will be enough head for those "head hunter" US judges?