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Great Danes are truly the "Apollo" of dogs.  To those of us who are dedicated to the breed, we cannot imagine life without them.  Danes are regal.  Danes are funny.  Danes can be as agile as a gazelle or as clumsy as a bull in a china shop.  Danes are as human as a canine can get -- they laugh, they cry.  They will share their favorite toy with you and even offer you a bite of their favorite treat.  They will comfort you in the bad times and they will celebrate with you in the good.    

But, Great Danes are not for everyone.  If you have never lived with a giant dog, you are in for the ride of your life.  If the thought of drool on your clothes or a six inch hocker suspended from your ceiling sends you into a frenzy, then the Dane is not for you.  If large muddy pawprints on the beige carpet flip you out, then the Dane is not for you.  If you cannot deal with fluff all over the house from degutted toys (and the occasional pillow, comforter or mattress), then the Dane is not for you.  


If you are thinking of adding a Great Dane to your family, please do your homework.  Read up on the breed.  The GDCA (Great Dane Club of America) website can be a valuable source of information on the breed.  Great Danes can be expensive.  While all non-Dane owners think Danes eat a ton, food is actually a very minor part of the expense of owning a Dane.  Veterinary bills can be horrendous.  

If you are still convinced that the Great Dane is for you, please obtain your Dane from a reputable breeder.  Backyard breeders abound.  Just because a dog has AKC papers does nothing to guarantee the quality of the breeding.  Even the lowliest mutt from a rotten puppy mill has AKC papers.  Have the breeder's dogs stood the test of time in the show ring?  Is the breeder doing health checks?  What are the conditions that the breeder's Danes are being kept in.  Does the breeder have references -- and don't be surprised when the "good" breeder asks you for references.  We care deeply where our puppies go.  


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